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Hey guys so i decided that, while reading and watching Fairy tail, to do a new segment on my channel. DON'T WORRY! my reviews arent going anywhere and i am actually getting one together but lately i've been either complaining, complementing and just plan ranting about Anime aspects so instead of bothering the people i know face-to-face, why not i do it on here :)

so by the title, my first Rant will have to be, no....MUST be about this because in the last few Chapters of Fairy tail and also the past few arcs of Fairy tail in general, 3 characters of fairy tail have been getting on my nerves. yet only one of them got some redemption but not from this rant.

But before i start i will do this... DISCLAIMER:Everything mentioned or posted in these rants are based on my opinions. some are facts given about the show or moments that i may mention but most are my opinions. if you have any corrects about my facts that i have made please tell me and i will change them but if its on my opinions...I. DONT. CARE! they are my opinions and will not change. but i am open to listen to reasoning about them. Also, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THESE RANTS, But Viewer desecration may advise of any language i may use or Any Spoilers [ sorry :) ]


Anyway, i will do this in the order of how mad i am at the character. 

first, Acnologia 

ok, for those who may not know because of  they are not caught up, Acnologia is the First dragon introduced on the show that is not mentioned in a flashback and is also on screen doing something to the present characters. alright.... i read chapter 401 of fairy tail and realized, HE IS SUCH A ANNOYING CHARACTER! i mean ok, when we first [o wait...spoiler] saw him on Tenrou Island i was in shock of 'O my god,...a dragon!' then he is introduced in the Grand Magic games arc at the end of the games when more dragons appear but its the one from 400 hundred years ago. when i saw him i was shocked but not like before because he already had made a appearance and with who the enemy was he went together well with him...but, in chapter 398 Acnologia makes his appearance again. give them a break! Fairy Tail already had to deal with their time taken away by them along with the other guides in the games. i mean at least he is fighting on his own this time and actually fighting with someone else [i wont give that away cause its special :) ] but come on! if after this arc if he shows up again i will punch something! at least they could, if they really wanna do something with this character show some clips of when he was human and his steps to this point.

Next, Wendy Marvell

Alright im going to get alot of hate for this one. yes she is twelve years old and she is a dragon slayer. dragon slayers are basically powerful and raised by dragons for those who may not know. SHE IS ANNOYING, MORE THEN ACNOLOGIA!  but yet, why is she before him. well from how much hate i have towards her, she does have moments where i congratulate her in what she accomblished. she was introduced during the Nirvana Arc and thats when i really thought that maybe a child this young shouldnt be involved as a co-character but more like minor like romeo was back then. but really i don't have any anime child characters that i like so maybe that contributed in this but she does join team natsu and she does have the the reassuring aspect for hope that goes off to the other characters but she shouldn't be invovled so much, not even Levy is and she's been in it since the beginning before Loki was found out!  abut the one thing that made me more angry was when she cut her hair in the latest chapters. UGHHHHHHHHHHH i got so made because when she did that it 1. reminded me of Sakura haruno of naruto when she did it and 2. it did show that she finally grew up but we didnt need that from her just yet, its like she is trying to be Erza WHICH WE DONT NEED! WENDY GOD PUT YOUR HAIR BACK!

finally, Loke [or leo]

ok at the beginning of the series he did have a different look and then he changed to this. thats not the reason why he is on this list. through out the series he has many good aspects especally his good looks, great sense of humor and also not to mention his voice actor [COUGH COUGH-eric vale- COUGH COUGH] butr there is one thing that makes me mad every time i think of it. he is lucy's trusted spirit who can come out at anytime so then...why doesnt he? when lucy was battling Minerva in he water battle in Chapter 291 Lucy was almost dead practically and he never showed up! there are countless moments when Loke can be useless to the battle or story but he NEVER SHOWS! in my point of view after the fight between Capricorn on Tenrou island to the Games arc when they had to deal with the knights, he was kinda useless. same in edolas. but its not completely his fault, lucy just keeps calling out virgo like no other! she tried to kill natsu did she not! but yet again im not insulting her either. just the fact that loke never shows up for an important fight.

[SIGHS] glad i got that all off my chest.

but please tell me if you like this rant, tell me if you didn't. anything would help. just comment down below your opinions about, well on my opinions and if you agree or not. also tell me if there is an anime 'eerk' that you have that you think should be noted and maybe i can mention it too in a new rant.

but thank you so much for listening and hopefully see you readers again!


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things i love:
-manga and anime
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- Earrings [they are my babies]
- different Languages

things i hate:
-Druggies and Drunks
- Haters
-Having no money [im not greedy]
- having no anime or manga to watch/read
- not being in a relationship [which i am currently]

also, check out my Hetaoni country accounts: AskHetaoniAlgeria

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