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Upupupupu~ by Justawaykitty

Hello, Well I definitely like this piece, the xosplays seem really well done ND if you did make them then I applaud you but if you didn...

Happy Birthday, Lucy!! by yui-22
by yui-22

I really like how you drew each character. with each character, you really showed off their personalities. also, with having them sit o...



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so my good friend, :iconpurplekatz93: created this and since i showed her the show, i will do this in her honor and say thank you, or well purplekatz, for creating this

1.  How did you first heard about Fairy Tail?
     -well my best friend found the show when it came out, and at the time it's only been a few volumes in and also episodes so when i got into it i was about to catch up quickly

2. Do read the manga, watch the anime, or both?
     -i do both but i do read it more

3. Who are your favorite character(s)?
    -well i love Lucy heartfillia, i think that she tries her best every time and she never gives up and i love her magic. but i do hate how everyone gives her hate for her looks.
    - also i do like Freed because i think that he is very cute but also powerful with not only his words but his magic

4. What is a character or characters that you absolutely hate? And not even love to hate, you wish they were never in the story to begin with.
    -actually, i cant say that i have a character that i hate like that, dont get me wrong i do hate characters but i think everyone mentioned in fairy tail has a role in the story....wait, i take it back, there is one character that was sooo stupid that i didnt bother to watch any of the episodes that she is involved in. that character, Daphne. i mean come on, she was so stupid take her away.

5. Do you own any FT merchandise?
    - i have a aquarious key key chain, 4 volumes of fairy tail, and a natsu plushie
6. What is your favorite opening?
    -so since my friend put three for this, i might as well too. 

my first is opening 7,  Evidence by DaisyxDaisy 

my second favorite is opening 16, Strike back by BACK-ON

and my third is Tenohoira by HERO

7. What is your favorite ending? 
    -ok then my favorite endingm um.... i would say....    

probably my first is Ending 8,  Don't think, feel by Idoling

my second would be Ending 11, Glitter by Another infinity fea. Mayasume Morinaga

8. What is your favorite chracter song?
   -i dont really have one because i dont prefer to listen to charater songs

9. What are your FT ships?
    - i would say i love NaLu [NatsuxLucy], Wenreo [WendyxRomeo], Gevy [GajeelxLevy], Gruvia [GrayxJuvia], LoLu [LucyxLoki], Rolu [RoguexLucy], StiLu [stingxlucy], ZerLu [ZerefxLucy] Gerza [GerralxErza], FrexLax [freedxLaxus]   i know....i got alot]  
10. What is an unpopular opinion you have aka something that you do that is normal to the FT fandom? 
      - well i kinda like to Pair and stick up for lucy way to much and it is a bit bothersome but i can't really hold back without a fight.

11. Do you draw/write FT fan art or fan fiction?
     -i've written Fanfiction but i still need to continue it

12. What is one thing about FT that pisses you off?
     - one person, Wendy. i think they make her seem a bit too much like erza now, especally in the manga and i really dont like children in Anime that much, its really rare for me to like a kid character in a anime, and when i mean kid i mean under 12 years old.

13. If you could put the FT cast into another show what would it be and why?
      - i would say, i would put them either in Corpse Party: tortured souls or DanganRonpa because i would love to see how the characters would deal with a more serious life or death situation.

14. What are some musicals you put the FT cast in?
     - my favorite musical, Les Miserables. i dont know why though but i would.

15. Do you cosplay or plan on cosplaying any of the characters?
     - i am excited to try to do a freed cosplay or a lucy cosplay [even though i know that wont be happening]

16. What are your favorite arcs?
     - my absolute favorite is key of the Stary sky arc and the entire plot of that, i just wish it was in the manga.

17. If you could join any guild what would it be?

18. Have any FCs?
     - i did and its on a different cite and i cant remember its name, i think it was celebi

19. If you were a wizard what kind of magic would you use?
      - i would have, ok i got a few ideas but either celestial spirit magic, Fire Magic, or Lighting Magic

20. What is a magic item you would like to have?
      - either Keys or Guns

21. Did you enjoy this questionnaire?
      - i seriously enjoyed this questionnaire


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United States
things i love:
-manga and anime
- Japanese music
-video games [catherine, Kingdom hearts, etc.]
- colors!! [weird i know]
- Earrings [they are my babies]
- different Languages

things i hate:
-Druggies and Drunks
- Haters
-Having no money [im not greedy]
- having no anime or manga to watch/read
- not being in a relationship [which i am currently]

also, check out my Hetaoni country accounts: AskHetaoniAlgeria

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