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Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa cosplay by Kawaielli

so when i saw this picture, i original thought this picture was for another show. to be honest i haven't seen this show so i kind of kn...

Mayan x Pagan by ScorpiiLupi

when i first saw this piece, it twicked my interest. then i saw the name of the piece and i saw it all connect. you can definitely get ...

Biohazard by ScorpiiLupi

I think that the way that you tried to express the theme of like a toxic feel was fantasic. the colors stand out and they all complemen...

Upupupupu~ by Justawaykitty

Hello, Well I definitely like this piece, the xosplays seem really well done ND if you did make them then I applaud you but if you didn...


Hey fellow followers of my journals or channel.  i'm very, very glad to tell you i am back with a new Anime review but this time...its different. so i've been thinking about what i would do for my next anime and then i thought....why not to some Top 10 lists. and thats how i got here. so for when i do the lists, here is how it will be formed:

-there will be ten and they will be out of my opinion
- i will sometimes make them based off of my friends opinions
- the order is from 10 to 1 so the best is at the bottom
- right before the list starts there will always be honorable mention or two of characters, shows, etc. that i or others liek but didn't make the top 10 for a reason

so i hope that helps you when reading this. and if you end up liking this journal and wish to be apart of it, then you'll find out at the bottom


Hello everyone! yes yes. i know its been quite some time since you heard from me or unless you message me you know i am actually on a lot but nether the less i haven't been submitting much unless you see my anime list growing.

I looked through my journals and found one and got me wondering, "'s been 2 years since I submitted my top 10 anime males and I've seen way more anime since then"  so i decided...

Lets make a new list that is updated.

Yes everyone every few years or so I will be making a new top 10 males AND females of anime lists. Granted some characters will stay on the list but there will be new ones....I hope. some of the captions may be the same though. 

And because of the jam i may have i will be adding a new rule:

ONE CHARACTER PER SERIES [if the show is different from the original but it is spin off, it will be counted]

So without further delay, lets mention our honorable mention for this new list!

This young man put up a fight to try to get on the top 10 list, but unforunitly, he didnt have enough magic from Calcifer to help him. so here is....

Howl from Howl's moving Castle

Now lets get onto the real list!

At number 10, the next Hare of mine came from a popular manga series which im now happy to tell you has been turned into a 88 minute anime episode. he has to compete with an alice-obsessed rabbit for love and also work for a mr. Blood Dupree. ever since i read the series, i couldnt help but want to tug his little ears and see his cute face. here is.....

Elliot March from Alice in the Country of Hearts

At Number 9, this revenge seeking guy has been on my count down since probably i first saw this anime. he has been switching sides since the beginning of the series but we still love him. honestly, this guy would actually be higher on my list but i have found other eligible men in my life. i don't like how he is now but his younger self was soooo cute and mysterious. here is...

Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto

At number 8, when you think of death this man isnt the first person that pops up into your end. sure he may judges you by playing a game to decide where you're going but it doesn't seem fair to have this sexy man judge you. you'll get distracted. I think i've said enough before i introduce you to.....

Decim from Death Parade

At number 7, saving an entire town is not so easy, especially when they see you as a murderer and you're forced to leave the town. Not that bad right. lets add killer bees to the mix and lets see if he can save the town. this adorable guy with the help of his 'rat' friend stole my heart throughout their series and made me think twice about what i should go for in life. here is.....

Shion from NO.6


At number 6, this has to be one of my favorite countries now because i saw this guy. his blonde hair flies in the wind as he makes his perverted comments. his pairings are great and i even wish i can meet him. at first for thisd show, he wasn't one of my favorites but as i kept watching and watching i just..fell in love. but that's what your suppose to do with the country of love right? here is.....

France from Hetalia

Half way and another Honorable Mention!

This guy may at first be a sweetheart but once his intention of true hope appears you may disagree. he is a honorable mention only because he is from a video game but the first game is an anime, this one isn't one yet [I hope] and there is already someone from the series. Here is.....

Nagito Komaeda from DanganRonpa 2: goodbye dispair

At number 5, stay away. what ever you do, if you don't want to die by his gum technique then dont deal a bad hand with your cards...ya i agree this intro is a bit weird but once you find this joker in the woods alone you'll understand the meaning of evil. this trickster just wants to fight one particular black haired child who beat him in the hunter exams. here is......

Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter

At number 4, heir to a successful company while also snobby. No i'm not talking about any character of Ouran, I'm talking about another heir that was stuck inside a murderous game for his life and freedom. He may at first seem like a stuck up high school but soon his tactics of intimidation and quick whits will soon have you stuck in a game of cat and mouse. here is....

Byakuya Togami of DanganRonpa: the animation

At number 3, for the next spot on this countdown, his Green haired wizard doesn't flirt with ladies but tries to get the attention of one other wizard, perferly a lighting user. this choice is weird even for me because of who i perfer, and let me tell you, this top three will all be weird choices and for different reasons. i choose this guy because i think he is very handsome and very ambitious with what he wants. here is.....

Freed Justine from Fairy Tail

At number 2, Once a mysterious man is well...always one i guess. this Sweet loving pet shop owner is fit for the spot because of his weird nack of someone being involved in everything creepy and scary. You may of guess it but before i reveal i'll say if you saw the show, you may of thought it sucked but read the manga. it gets so much better and it's where i learned to love this guy. here is.....

Count D from Petshop of Horrors

We have reached the bottom of our countdown but before i reveal my top favorite guy lets go back and resee who is also here:

10.Elliot March from Alice in the Country of Hearts 
9. Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto
8. Decim from Death Parade
7. Shion from NO.6
6. France from Hetalia
5. Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter
4. Byakuya Togami From DanganRonpa
3. Freed Justine from Fairy Tail
2. Count D from Petshop of Horrors

At number 1, now the one you've been waiting for.... for my first pick, this dark haired devil is a lone wolf and hates to be around people, well except a certain baby. he runs the Namimori middle school with his iron fist, or tonfas. i gotta say, this is a very, very weird choice to me. i prefer guys with glasses, long hair and maybe blonde [which explains France] but this guy's toughness and a love for animals made me love him more. I'm proud to introduce.....

Hibari Kyoya from Katekyo Hitman 


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United States
Hey everyone welcome to my page, so here you'll find fanfiction, cosplay, drawings and other creative stories. Along with that in my journal section i have anime reviews along with a group where you can see more

here are the groups i am in:

:iconreview-4it: - Founder [where all my reviews will go now also ]

:iconmaple-syrup-shooters: - Co-founder

katekyohitman-r3b0rn.deviantar… Co-founder

Animes I've seen: [if there is a * next to it, it means i will rp it]

- Fairy Tail*
- Hell Girl*
- Uta no Prince-sama*
- Highschool of the Dead
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn*
- Hetalia*
- Dangan Ronpa [I LOVE THIS SERIES]*
- NO.6*
- Cardcaptors
- Yowamushi Pedal* [not finished yet]
- HunterxHunter* [not finished yet]
- Naruto [the original]*
- One Piece [not finished yet]
- Brothers Conflict*
- Zankyou No Terror
- Another
- Mekaku city actors
- Kamigami no Asobi
- Death Parade*
- Umineko no koro ne
- Say 'I love you'*
- Itazura Na Kiss
- Gugure! Kokkori-san
- Wolf girl and Black Prince*
- Yumeriro Patissiere*
- Fruits Basket*
- Ouran highschool host club*
- Princess Jellyfish*
- Shugo Chara*
- Baka to Test
- Inuyasha
- Digimon
- Bakugan
- Pokemon*
- Gakuen Alice
- Kaichou wa maid sama
- Haikyuu!* [not finished yet]
- Samuri Champloo
- Nanastu no Taizu [Seven Deadly Sins] [not finished yet]
- Tonari no seki-kun
- Pupa
- Corpse Party Tortured Souls*
- Gekkan Shoujo nozaki-kun
- Ore Monogatari [not finished yet]
- Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
- Meganebu!
- Hamtaro
- Kimi Ni Todoke
- Skip Beat
- Prince of Tennis
- Inazuma Eleven [not finished yet]
- You Lie in April [not finished yet]
- Sakamichi no Apollon [not finished yet]
- Miracle Train

things i love:
-manga and anime
- Japanese music
-video games [catherine, Kingdom hearts, etc.]
- Earrings [they are my babies]
- different Languages

things i hate:
-Druggies and Drunks
- Haters
-Having no money [im not greedy]
- having no anime or manga to watch/read
- not being in a relationship [which i'm not]

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